Jazzy Air 2 Elevating Power Wheelchair Review

Jazzy Air 2 elevating power wheelchair review

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The Jazzy Air 2 provides a comfortable and reliable way of getting around for your everyday activities without compromising anything. If you need a wheelchair that is going to serve you for several purposes, from getting to and from work through to socializing and spending time with your family, then you’ll find the Jazzy Air 2 benefits you greatly.

The compact wheelchair boasts an elevating seat that moves you from the lowest to the highest point in just 11 seconds. You’ll be able to enjoy face-to-face engagement with your peers without having to wait. There’s a lot more to get excited about with this powered wheelchair so let’s take a closer look at some of its best features.

Jazzy Air 2 Elevating Power Wheelchair Specs

Jazzy Air 2 elevating seat power wheelchair side view
  • Size (W x L): 23.22″ x 41.93″
  • Seat Size (W): 16″ – 22″
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Max Speed: 4 mph
  • Driving Range: 16.8, 19.2 miles
  • Turning Radius: 24.25″
  • Ground Clearance: 1″
  • Max Incline Angle:
  • Wheel Size: 6″ (front), 10″ (mid), 6″ (rear)
  • Tire Type: Solid
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Drive Type: Mid-wheel drive
  • Foldable/Disassembles: No
  • Wheelchair Weight: 230 lbs, 245 lbs


Jazzy Air 2 elevating seat power wheelchair profile

The Jazzy Air 2 is a wheelchair designed for people who rely on mobility equipment for most of the time, so it has never been more important to ensure that it offers superior comfort. You won’t be disappointed, not only will you feel that all-important comfort but you can adapt the seat to your own needs thanks to multiple adjustments.

Seat Comfort

The Jazzy Air 2 benefits from a padded seat that won’t put pressure on your skin even when you’re using the wheelchair for long hours. Moreover, you have the option to choose a seat width that suits you; the wheelchair is available with seats measuring between 16 and 22 inches.

With a weight capacity of 300lbs, the Jazzy Air 2 is suitable for the majority of adult users and will provide enough support and stability to allow you to go about your day.


One of the things that sets the Jazzy Air 2 apart from its competitors is that it boasts so many ways to adjust the chair to your needs. The main selling point is the elevating seat which allows the user to raise and lower themselves according to the situation in which they find themselves. You’ll be able to have eye-to-eye contact with your friends and family making your wheelchair experience far less limiting.

What’s more, the comfortable seat features a reclining sporty backrest that allows you to tilt back to a position that feels good for you. There is also the option to adjust the headrest, both in terms of angle and height so the wheelchair will suit users of a variety of heights.

The armrests aren’t overly padded, so they may not provide as much comfort when resting on them, but they do benefit from some seriously good adjustments. You can alter the height, depth, and angle of the armrests, which gives you great versatility.


If you’re going to be using your wheelchair most of the time, then you’re going to need space to store your belongings. The great thing about the Jazzy Air 2 is that it benefits from an under-seat storage compartment for your valuable items but still keeps them within easy reach.

The Jazzy Air 2 does come with some free add-ons such as an arm bag and a cup holder, but if you need even more storage, then there is the option to pay for extras like a cane holder, phone holder, or a large rear basket. You can customize the wheelchair to your own needs without a problem.

Controls & Operation

Jazzy Air 2 elevating seat power wheelchair joystick

The last thing that anybody wants is a wheelchair that is difficult to control, but the great thing about the Jazzy Air 2 is that everything is kept simple. There is a joystick control that can be mounted either on the left or right armrest, so no matter which is your dominant side, you won’t need to struggle. There is also an option to have a swing-away joystick installed should you need this for convenience.

The Jazzy Air 2 is equipped with an air button that controls the elevated seat. This is incredibly easy to use, and with one simple touch, the seat will rise to its full capacity in just 11 seconds. We think that’s massively convenient when you consider that some chairs need to be manually adjusted this way, and that’s time-consuming. If you live a busy lifestyle, this smooth, time-saving function will certainly be a welcome change.


Jazzy Air 2 elevating seat power wheelchair folded

The Jazzy Air 2 is not a wheelchair that is designed to be taken apart to make transportation easier. That said, it isn’t the largest wheelchair out there, so you wouldn’t have too many problems using a wheelchair lift to get it into the back of a spacious vehicle.


One of the things that we love about the Jazzy Air 2 is that it is designed for versatile use. It’s a wheelchair that would suit a busy user who needs to be able to navigate all kinds of environments. With features that will benefit you in both indoor and outdoor settings, your life doesn’t need to be hindered by your wheelchair.

Drive System

The Jazzy Air 2 runs on a mid-wheel drive system which is excellent when looking for a wheelchair that offers versatility. You get those large middle wheels which in this case measure ten inches, and this allows you to use the wheelchair on various terrain types effortlessly. The castor wheels at the front and back of the wheelchair provide you with amazing stability no matter what you’re doing, so there is almost a non-existent risk of the chair tipping over. This design also means that the turning radius is much smaller, but we’ll look at that in a little more detail shortly.

Using the Wheelchair Indoors

The great thing about the Jazzy Air 2 is that it has an incredibly small turning radius at just 24.25 inches. There are some wheelchairs whose turning radius is as small as 20 inches, but there are those that are far greater, putting this at the lower end of the spectrum. This is ideal for indoor use as it won’t limit your ability to move in confined spaces, and when you couple this with the small width of just 23 inches, you’ll see how easily this wheelchair can move through narrow corridors and doorways.

Using the Wheelchair Outdoors

The Jazzy Air 2 features solid tires that are excellent when using the wheelchair on uneven ground as there is no risk of getting a puncture which could put you out of action. However, do keep in mind that this type of tire doesn’t offer as much shock absorbency as a pneumatic. But to counteract that problem, the Jazzy Air 2 is fitted with an Active-Trac suspension system at the wheels which takes impacts very well, giving you a much smoother ride.

The ground clearance is just one inch which is on the less generous side of things so you may find that the wheelchair gets stuck if there are significant bumps in the road. It’s certainly worth thinking about where you intend to use the device before making a commitment.

Driving Range

The Jazzy Air 2 features a driving range of up to 16.8 miles. For most people, this will be more than enough for their day-to-day needs, however, there may be users that would benefit from a little more go from each charge. The good news is that there is an option to upgrade to a more powerful battery which will give you in excess of 19 miles per charge. Do keep in mind that this will add a free hundred dollars onto the cost of the wheelchair.

The top speed of the Jazzy Air 2 is 4mph which is around walking speed, meaning you will be able to move alongside your peers. Furthermore, you’ll be able to do so at the same height thanks to that amazing elevating seat function.

Safety Features

Safety is always key when looking at which wheelchair will best suit your needs, and there are some nice features on the Jazzy Air 2 that make it stable and safe. Of course, the castor wheels at the front and rear of the chair offer excellent stability whether you’re moving around the home or are out exploring the world.

What’s more, the wheelchair is fitted with a 60-inch lap belt which will ensure you are secure during use. There are options to alter the size of the belt to suit your needs, but this will incur an additional cost.

At the bottom of the Jazzy Air 2, there are LED marker lights that give you excellent visibility in low light conditions. If you rely on the use of a wheelchair for much of the time, this is a nice feature to have.

What We Like

There’s a lot to love about the Jazzy Air 2, but of course, one of its best features is the elevating seat. For many people, having to use a wheelchair means that they are unable to interact with those around them in the same way. But with this feature, you’ll benefit from face-to-face engagement at all times.

There is also the fact that the Jazzy Air 2 boasts a lower than average seat height, at two inches less than other wheelchairs, which makes it far easier to park your chair under a desk or table. Whether you want to sit down to dinner with the family or work comfortably at your job, you won’t be limited.

We were very impressed by the versatility of this chair. If you need something multipurpose, then this is well worth considering. It has features that allow you to easily use the wheelchair in various environments and conditions so your life won’t be limited.

  • Multipurpose use
  • Good onboard storage options
  • Excellent safety features including LED lights
  • Adjustable headrest/backrest/armrests
  • Elevating seat that is quick and simple to control
  • Suitable for use on various terrain

What We Didn’t Like

Most of the things about the Jazzy Air 2 are very positive, but if there was anything we would say could be a hindrance to some users, it would be that the wheelchair doesn’t come apart for storage or transportation. The seat will fold all the way forward to lessen the size slightly, but this doesn’t make a huge difference in the scheme of things.

Moreover, there are a lot of extras that require you to make a further financial investment. While this is the case with many wheelchairs, we feel that this could be limited. For example, you would be required to pay an additional $50 for a smaller lap belt, which does feel a little excessive.

  • Not easily portable
  • Too many optional extras that incur a fee

Round-Up Review

We have been hugely impressed with the Jazzy Air 2 and find this to be an excellent choice for people who need something that they can use in all situations. The wheelchair allows you to move freely around your home but is just as adept when navigating a variety of outdoor terrains. It’ll give you the freedom to raise and lower to a variety of positions with great ease so that you won’t be limited in how you interact with the world around you and those in it.

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