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Best handling moving aids
Moving Handling

Best Moving and Handling Aids for Impaired Mobility

If you care for someone with impaired mobility, you will no doubt find that trying to help move or lift a user can prove a real challenge. Not only can it put unnecessary strain on the carer’s back, but it can also be unsafe for both yourself and the person you care for and it can result in injuries.

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Best Shower Chair for Seniors

Best Shower Chairs for Seniors

The one thing that users with impaired mobility dread, is falling while taking a shower or bath. When their wish it to stay independent during their hygiene routine, to fall and be injured, is their worst nightmare. Being able to shower independently when you have a disability that affects your mobility, can prove a real struggle, and if you’re unsteady on your feet, it can also increase the risk of falls.

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Best Rise Recliner for Seniors
Living Room

Best Power Lift Recliners for Seniors

Being able to unwind on a comfortable chair after a long day on your feet is one of life’s pleasures. If however you suffer with impaired mobility, or you’re unsteady on your feet, trying to get in and out of a regular couch or chair can prove challenging, uncomfortable and it can be a painful experience.

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Best Raised Toilet Seat

Best Raised Toilet Seat for Seniors

Difficulty using the toilet is an all too common problem for users who have undergone recent surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, or for anyone with impaired mobility or those that may suffer with balance issues.

A toilet that is positioned too low to the ground can mean that the user may struggle to sit or stand while going to the bathroom which can prove both uncomfortable and dangerous.

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Best Overbed Table

Best Overbed Tables For the Bedridden and the Infirm

If you’re recovering from a recent operation, or you suffer from reduced mobility, and you spend a lot of time resting in bed, you will no doubt know that trying to keep comfortable can be a real struggle. Performing simple tasks such as using a laptop, balancing a food tray, writing a letter or reading a newspaper, can prove a real challenge when lying in bed.

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Kitchen disability mobility aids

Best Kitchen Disability Aids for Impaired Mobility

It is estimated that 26% of US adults will be diagnosed with arthritis by 2040. Arthritis and neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or Parkinson’s can affect your mobility and it can have a negative impact when working in the kitchen.

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Bedroom Mobility and Disability Aids

The Best Mobility and Disability Aids for the Bedroom

The bedroom is an important room in your home. You go there to hopefully, forget all your problems of aches and pains, and slumber into a safe comfortable much needed sleep. This will help you to awake the next morning refreshed and energized to begin another day.

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