Golden Compass Sport Power Chair Review

Golden Compass Sport Power Chair Review

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The world is not always an easy place to navigate when you’re using a wheelchair, but with the Golden Compass, you’ll find that moving over all types of terrain is far easier. What’s more, this power chair boasts an impressive range, so you’ll get to where you need to be without having to worry about power.

Golden Compass Sport Power Chair Specs

Golden Compass Sport powerchair side view
  • Size (L x W): 39″ x 25.4″
  • Seat Size (W X D): 16″ – 24″ x 16″ – 20″
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Max Speed: 4.5 mph
  • Driving Range: 19.5 miles
  • Turning Radius: 19.5″
  • Ground Clearance: 3.2″
  • Max Incline Angle:
  • Wheel Size: 6″ (front), 10″ (mid), 6″ (rear)
  • Tire Type: Pneumatic
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Drive Type: Mid-wheel drive
  • Foldable/Disassembles: Disassembles
  • Weight: 185 lbs


Golden Compass Sport powerchair backview

Feeling comfortable and supported in your wheelchair is a must, especially if you’re going to spend long hours in it. One of the best things about the Golden Compass is that it is packed with features to give you a more comfortable experience.


You can choose your seat width according to your comfort, between 16” and 24” by 16” and 20”. The adjustable depth seat allows you to personalize the chair to your liking, and with a choice of three seat heights, this personalization goes even further.

The captain’s style seat is fully padded and upholstered in a wipe-clean vinyl for convenient cleaning. What’s more, it’ll recline so you can find a comfortable position and the seat back can even be positioned flat.

Arm Rests/Head Rest/Foot Plate

Where support is concerned, the Golden Compass has it all. It comes with a height-adjustable headrest and a foot plate whose angle can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

The armrests are desk length and can be flipped out of the way when needed. They’re also fully padded for comfort and you can adjust the height and angle to your liking. It appears that the manufacturer has thought of everything in terms of support and comfort.

Weight Capacity

The Golden Compass has a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. This is suitable for most average adults and even those that are slightly heavier. While this is a pretty standard limit for powerchairs, not all of them are quite as generous.

Controls & Operation

Golden Compass Sport powerchair controls

We have already talked about how this is a superbly comfortable wheelchair and that comfort doesn’t end when it comes to operating the chair.

The joystick length can be adjusted so you don’t have to overreach or operate it feeling cramped up. There’s also a hand rest area so you’ll feel relaxed and fatigue-free when operating your wheelchair.

Along with the joystick control, there is a simple one-touch power button. The Golden Compass benefits from dynamic load control which allows the system to make minor adjustments to the speed and movement according to the driving conditions. This makes operation a lot easier for the user and gives you a safer experience.


Powerchairs like the Golden Compass are not primarily designed to be travel mobility aids. However, you may need to transport your wheelchair from time to time so knowing that it folds in half is a great comfort.

That said, you should keep in mind that this is quite a heavy wheelchair weighing in at 185lbs so you will likely need assistance if you want to get it into the trunk of the car.


Golden Compass Sport powerchair maneuverability

The Golden Compass measures 25” by 39” so it’s not the smallest wheelchair in the world. However, it has a lot of features that make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Turning Radius

If you want to use your wheelchair indoors or in tight spaces then the tiny 19” turning radius of the Golden Compass will make this super simple. Turning on its axis using the mid wheels, you won’t find yourself stuck in a narrow corridor or confined space.


The Golden Compass is fitted with six wheels; two central pneumatic wheels and four casters at the front and rear of the chair. This means that you get a far more stable design that is incredibly unlikely to tip over.

The wide mid wheels provide excellent traction across a variety of terrain types further demonstrating why this is such a versatile piece of equipment.

Drive System

Operating on a mid-wheel drive system, the Golden Compass is optimized for use both outdoors and when you’re inside. This drive system offers brilliant stability regardless of the terrain type and has the opportunity for an incredibly small turning radius, which we have already discussed.


When you’re out and about, it’s likely that you will come across slopes and hills. It’s important that your wheelchair can handle this and the Golden Compass comes with the ability to tackle inclines up to 6º. Most wheelchair ramps are no more than 5º so the Golden Compass is more than equipped to handle almost any situation.

Ground Clearance

Since the Golden Compass is an all-terrain wheelchair, it’ll come as no surprise that it has a generous ground clearance. From the ground to the base, there are 3.2 inches of clearance which allows you to move over various terrains without the risk of hitting bumps or getting stuck. While a lot of power chairs have a larger ground clearance up to 5 inches, that of the Golden Compass is more than sufficient for everyday use.

Driving Range

Not only is the Golden Compass excellent for people who need something that can handle any type of terrain, but it’s also brilliant if you’ve got a lot of traveling to do. With up to 19.5 miles per charge, this wheelchair will easily see you through the day.

You’ll also be able to travel up to 4.5 miles per hour which is around walking speed. While you won’t be whizzing off ahead of your friends, you will be able to keep up with them.

Safety Features

You could have as many high-tech and innovative features on a wheelchair as you like but without excellent safety features, we’d never recommend it.

Like most power chairs, the Golden Compass is fitted with an adjustable seat belt to keep you firmly in place when you’re moving. This is great for all users but especially those with balance issues.

What’s more, the Golden Compass benefits from an overheat protection function so even if you’re getting the maximum use out of the chair, you won’t ever have to worry about heat damage to your battery.

When you stop the wheelchair, the Out Of Neutral Power Up function ensures that there will be no accidental movement so you can rest easy.

What We Like

We love how well the Golden Compass navigates a superb number of terrain types and situations. If you’re looking for a versatile wheelchair that’ll work well both indoors and outdoors then this is well worth considering. With stable wheels, a tight turning radius, and a generous ground clearance, you’ll be able to navigate the world safely and in style.

The Golden Compass is also an incredibly comfortable power chair with a range of adjustment features allowing you to get the chair to a position that’s perfect for you. Moreover, the controls are simple to understand and comfortable to use thanks to minor yet innovative additions like the hand rest.

In terms of safety, we couldn’t ask much more from the Golden Compass. It’s super stable and won’t start up accidentally and with a generous 300lbs weight capacity, it’ll easily support most adults.

  • Adjustable arm/head/foot/back rests
  • Padded captains seat
  • Easy to clean seat
  • Tight turning radius
  • Good ground clearance
  • Simple and comfortable to use controls
  • Battery indicator light
  • Excellent safety features and stability

What We Didn’t Like

There are a lot of things to get excited about when it comes to the Golden Compass but there are a couple of downsides that you’ll need to consider.

For starters, this is not the most portable power chair we have ever seen. Yes, it does fold in half for storage and transportation but it’s still pretty large even then.

What’s more, when it comes to lifting the chair into a car or other vehicle, you’re going to need at least two people since it weighs 185lbs. This isn’t abnormal for a power chair as the motor and battery do add to the weight but you need to be sure that this won’t be an issue when loading and unloading the chair.

Round-Up Review

For anyone that requires a versatile wheelchair for everyday use, the Golden Compass is something of a dream come true. Life isn’t always flat surfaces and smooth rides so you need a wheelchair that’s going to stand up to various terrains and that’s exactly what you get with the Golden Compass.

With features like wide, stable mid tires, brilliant stability, and good ground clearance, the Golden Compass would suit anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. However, there’s no need to switch chairs when you go inside as the compact turning radius means that moving around indoors won’t be a mammoth challenge.

We’d also recommend the Golden Compass to anyone who wants luxurious comfort from their wheelchair. Just because you’re sitting down for prolonged periods, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel relaxed and comfortable. The Golden Compass, with its padded captain’s seat, numerous adjustments, and easy-to-use controls feels like no other wheelchair you’ll have ever used.

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