Drive Medical ZooMe Flex Mobility Scooter Review

Drive Medical ZooMe scooter review

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Getting out and about shouldn’t be difficult just because you have mobility issues. If you love to travel and want a mobility scooter that’s going to be easy to transport then the Drive Medical ZooMe might be worth considering.

This is a very basic mobility scooter, but its key selling point is how easy and quick the folding system is. Being lightweight, the ZooMe is ideal for anyone that’s on the go.

Drive Medical ZooMe Flex Specs

Profile of the Drive Medical ZooMe mobility scooter
  • Size (L x W): 37″ x 17″
  • Seat Size (W X D): 16″ x 14
  • Height Adjustable Seat: No
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Max Speed: 4 mph
  • Range Per Charge: 13 miles
  • Turning Radius: 47.2″
  • Scooter Total Weight: 55 lbs (exc hand control)
  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Ground Clearance: 1.6″
  • Suspension: No
  • Max Incline Rating:
  • Tiller Type: Delta


Drive ZooMe mobility scooter seat

We can’t stress enough the importance of having a comfortable mobility scooter. If it isn’t and you spend a lot of time in it, then you’ll soon start to feel achy and irritated. While the ZooMe is designed for travel rather than everyday use, it does have some nice comfort features to give you a more pleasant experience.


The ZooMe features a 14” by 16” inch stadium seat. There is no option to upgrade the seat but for most people, this size will be more than enough. The one huge flaw in the design of this mobility scooter is that there is no option to adjust the height of the seat which could cause some discomfort if you’re particularly tall or short.

That said, the seat back can be folded down completely, but this is more of a portability feature than it is a comfort one.

What we do love is how nicely padded the seat and seat back are. If you want to travel in comfort, then this is a feature you’ll love. It’s also great if you’ll spend long hours on the mobility scooter.

There is no headrest on the ZooMe, but it does feature padded armrests. These are adjustable and can be moved out of the way which makes getting on and off the scooter much less of a hassle.


We were quite disappointed with the amount of legroom that the ZooMe has to offer. While this is meant to be a compact scooter, you’ll want to fit on it. We’ve read reviews from some users who aren’t particularly tall and still find that their feet come off the end of the scooter.

Since the seat is not able to slide, you can’t increase the legroom to improve your comfort which is a shame. Moreover, the seat won’t swivel so this might make it difficult for some users to mount and dismount the scooter.

Weight Capacity

While the ZooMe is a travel scooter, it packs a punch where weight capacity is concerned. It can hold up to 300lbs which makes it ideal for most adults, even those who are slightly heavier. That said, bariatric users won’t find this a suitable scooter and it’s never worth using something with a too low weight capacity as this can impact your safety.


The ZooMe doesn’t come with any onboard storage as standard. This isn’t the end of the world as it is designed to be a travel scooter but a small amount of storage for your essentials would have been a nice addition. That said, it is possible to buy and attach a small basket to the front of the scooter so your options aren’t totally limited.

Controls & Tiller

Delta tiller on the Drive Medical ZooMe mobility scooter

Making sure that you are comfortably able to reach the controls and operate the scooter safely is one of the main considerations when choosing a product.

Tiller Type

The ZooMe features a delta-type tiller. These tillers are ideal for people with limited hand and finger dexterity which makes this scooter easy to use for far many more people.

The tiller can be adjusted in two ways. Firstly, you can adjust the height so that you don’t have to over-exert yourself to access the controls. Secondly, there is the option to tilt the tiller to different angles into a position that feels comfortable for you.


The controls on the Drive Medical ZooMe are beautifully simple. If you’re someone that has never used a mobility scooter before and has been worried about getting to grips with it, you won’t need to with this one.

The easy throttle control makes using the scooter a breeze with two paddle-like controls, there’s nothing complicated to get your head around.

However, we should point out that the display screen is quite small, and this could be problematic for users with poor vision.


Folded Drive Medical ZooMe mobility scooter

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that is easy to transport then the ZooMe is well worth considering. This is definitely one of the best plus points about this model and where it fails in some areas, it really excels in terms of portability.

The scooter collapses and folds to a compact size in just one swift motion, which they called ‘flex fold’, and it also has an automatically folding seat. This process is quick and easy and is ideal for when you’re on the go and need to put the scooter into a car. It’s also airline-approved, so you won’t need to worry if you’re traveling a little further.

While the ZooMe doesn’t dismantle, it does only weigh a little over 53lbs so it’s super lightweight.


Tires on the Drive Medical ZooMe mobility scooter

There are some plus points about how easy the ZooMe is to manoeuvre while other things let it down. For example, it’s fitted with four flat free tires, which offer excellent stability and the peace of mind that you won’t end up with a puncture. However, it is worth considering that these solid tires might not provide quite as smooth a ride as pneumatic ones.

Moreover, the ZooMe is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The tires are non-marking, so you won’t need to worry about scuffing the floors when you’re inside. When outdoors, the large rear wheels will ensure improved stability even over more rough terrain.

That said, you should consider that this scooter only has a 1.6-inch ground clearance which is far from the best we have ever seen. The turning radius is 53 inches which again, isn’t the most compact so you might struggle in very tight spaces. However, if you’re only using it outdoors, this isn’t really much of a concern.

The ZooMe will handle small inclines thanks to a maximum gradient of 6 degrees. This is at the lower end of average but is typically enough to manage your travel needs.

Operating Range

Drive Medical ZooMe mobility scooter back profile

On a single charge, the ZooMe claims to give you up to 13 miles range. While this does largely depend on the weight of the user, the ground conditions, and other factors, most reviews state that you’ll typically only get half of this. But again, we must stress that this is a travel mobility scooter so you shouldn’t expect it to run for miles and miles.

There is an option to add a portable docking station which is handy if you want to plug the scooter in on the go and does give you added peace of mind. However, you should note that this will set you back a further $150.

Safety Features

There aren’t too many safety features on the ZooMe which is a shame. However, it does have one safety feature that really sets it apart from some other travel mobility scooters and that’s the anti tip wheels.

If you’ve ever felt a little cautious on your scooter when going over rugged ground, turning corners, or tackling slopes then these wheels will put your mind at ease.

What We Like

In terms of finding a great travel scooter that’s compact and easy to use, you won’t find anything quite as adept as the ZooMe. It’s super lightweight and folds down to a nice size that allows you to get up and head off on an adventure without having to worry about a bulky scooter.

The ZooMe is also great for frequent fliers since it is airline approved. What’s more, it boasts a simple yet stylish design that comes in a choice of colors.

If it’s comfort you’re looking for, the ZooMe will be right up your street. It’s got a very generous amount of padding so feels comfortable even if you’re using the scooter for several hours at a time. The arm rests can be adjusted for even greater comfort and even flipped out of the way to make it easier to get on and off your scooter.

  • Easily portable
  • Folds down in one motion
  • Auto folding seat
  • Lightweight
  • Airline-approved
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Good stability
  • Flat-free tires

What We Didn’t Like

While the ZooMe is advertised as a scooter that will work well both indoors and outdoors, there are a few maneuverability issues to consider. For starters, the turning radius isn’t the most compact so if you’ll be moving through a lot of tight spaces, this could be a problem.

What’s more, the ground clearance is not super high so you may struggle to use the scooter over uneven or rugged ground. Add to this the fact that the ZooMe has no suspension and there’s the potential for quite a bumpy ride unless the ground is totally smooth.

There are also not many safety features which is something that could be improved on. Furthermore, the ZooMe isn’t the easiest to mount owing to the lack of a swivel or sliding seat. The seat also cannot be adjusted in terms of height which takes away from how comfortable it is.

  • No seat height adjustment
  • Low ground clearance
  • No suspension
  • Large turning radius

Round-Up Review

The ZooMe isn’t the most advanced piece of mobility equipment on the planet but then it’s not designed to be. This is a compact and lightweight travel scooter whose purpose is to make getting from A to B as hassle-free as possible.

What it promises is a scooter that is easy to fold and pack in the trunk of a car without weighing you down. And it really does deliver on this promise.

There aren’t any flashy features such as storage, rear view mirrors, lights, and other things, but the scooter is comfortable enough for occasional use, and the controls are simple and easy to learn.

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