Atto Folding Mobility Scooter Review

Atto traveling folding mobility scooter review

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Taking a mobility scooter with you when you travel isn’t always easy. You need something that is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. The Atto folding mobility scooter combines all of these things and makes life so much easier for the frequent traveller.

Here, we review the most important features and benefits as well as looking at any points you may need to consider.

Atto Folding Mobility Specs

Atto mobility scooter site shot
  • Size (L x W): 47″ x 22″
  • Seat Size (W X D): 13″ x 14.5″
  • Height Adjustable Seat: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Max Speed: 4 mph
  • Range Per Charge: 12 miles
  • Turning Radius: 53″
  • Scooter Total Weight: 62.2 lbs (ex battery)
  • Number of Wheels: 3
  • Ground Clearance: 4″
  • Suspension: No
  • Max Incline Rating:
  • Tiller Type: T-shaped


Seat on the Atto travel mobility scooter

Having excellent comfort when using your mobility scooter is essential. This is especially true if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it. The Atto isn’t the most comfortable scooter in the world, but it does have some features that will give you a pleasant ride if you’re using the scooter for a few hours at a time.


If you spend long hours sitting in a mobility scooter whose seat is not at the correct height then this can wreak havoc with your posture and cause you back pain. One of the great things about the Atto is that the seat height adjusts, and you have a choice of three positions.

The Atto has a pretty standard-sized seat that measures 13” by 14”. This is suitable for most average adults, however, it may not be ideal for those that are slightly larger.

There is a small degree of padding on the seat and the seat back, but it’s certainly not the most comfortable. However, the seat itself does have ergonomic contouring for more comfortable positioning of the legs. Moreover, the material is wipeable, so it’s much easier to keep the scooter clean.

Arm Rests/Head Rest

As standard, the Atto doesn’t come with any arm rests. However, there is an option to add these on for a little extra. If you find that you need the additional support of arm rests or you aren’t easily able to balance without them, then it’s important to go with this optional extra.

One thing that lets the Atto down is the lack of a headrest. It’s not the end of the world, but it does take away from the comfort, especially for users who may not have as much strength.


If there was a major selling point of the Atto, it would be how spacious it is. There is lots of leg room, so it’s perfect, even if you’re a little taller. That said, it is worth noting that the seat does not swivel or slide, so you need to be able to get on and off the scooter without these features.

Support & Weight

The Atto has a weight capacity of just over 220lbs. This makes it ideal for most adults, but for those who are a little heavier, it won’t be suitable.

The frame is made from aviation-grade aluminum, so you can feel confident that it offers excellent stability and support to the user. What’s more, this material is super durable, and the scooter comes with a suggested ten-year lifespan.


The Atto is designed to be a travel mobility scooter, so it doesn’t come with the most storage we have ever seen. That said, there is some deck storage which is more than enough to carry your travel essentials.

Controls & Tiller

T-shapped tiller on the Atto mobility scooter

The last thing you want is a scooter whose controls are overly complicated. We have noted how user-friendly the Atto is in terms of tiller position and accessible controls. Let’s take a closer look.

Tiller Type

The Atto comes with a T-shaped tiller. This features straight handlebars that are fully padded, so you get a better grip and feel more comfortable while riding. It’s important to note that this type of tiller is generally better suited to those with good dexterity. If you struggle in this area, it might be worth looking for a scooter with a delta tiller instead.

We love that the tiller can be adjusted in two ways. Firstly, you can alter the height, so you don’t have to hunch down to reach the controls, nor will you need to over stretch yourself.


The controls on the Atto are really something else! They’re so simple to use and are designed to meet the needs of lots of different users. For starters, there is an LED-backlit display so you get a clear view of things like the battery charge, speed, and modes.

Everything is operated through the use of push-button controls. On the handle, you will find a forward and reverse button which you simply switch to change modes. On the LED screen, there are three further buttons that allow you to turn the scooter on and off, control speed, and sound the horn.


Portable Atto folding mobility scooter review

The manufacturer has designed this mobility scooter to be used primarily for travel, so you’ll notice that there are a lot of features to aid in this.

Does the Scooter Fold or Dismantle?

The beauty of the Atto mobility scooter is that you can take it anywhere. We’ll start by noting that this is an FDA-approved scooter, so you’ve got no worries when taking it on a flight.

The Atto scooter conveniently folds down into its own case which is compliant with the size of cabin luggage. Simply make your way to the aircraft, fold it down and store it in the overhead locker.

If you prefer, you can also dismantle the Atto into two pieces; the heaviest of these weighs just 36lbs, so it isn’t difficult to lift in and out of the trunk of your car. Taking the scooter apart and putting it back together again is merely a matter of joining the two pieces together. It really does take just seconds.

How Easy Is It To Transport The Scooter?

We’ve touched on how easy it is to take the scooter with you when you travel in terms of how easily it fits into a plane or car.

However, you should also note that, when folded, the scooter can be used as a trolley so you can wheel it from A to B.


Tires on the folding mobility scooter

Ground Clearance

If you’re moving over uneven terrain, then you’ll need a mobility scooter that isn’t going to catch on the ground as you go. Thankfully, the Atto has a generous 4 inch ground clearance, which allows you to move freely over various types of ground.

Turning Radius

The Atto has a 53” turning radius. We have certainly seen mobility scooters whose turning radius is much more compact than this, but it certainly isn’t going to be too much of a hindrance to you. According to the ADA, a mobility scooter should have a turning radius of no more than 60 inches, and the Atto falls well within these guidelines.


The Atto is a three-wheeled mobility scooter. This doesn’t offer quite as much stability as a four-wheel model, but it does make it much easier to maneuver. Moreover, the rear two wheels are an inch larger than the front tires, which provide added stability, especially when turning corners.

The tires are flat-free solid wheels which means you won’t worry about getting a puncture; another feature that makes this the ideal scooter for uneven ground.


The maximum incline gradient for the Atto mobility scooter is 6 degrees. Considering that most mobility scooters have a maximum gradient between 6 and 12 degrees, it does fall into this. However, there are some scooters that can handle much steeper slopes, so if you know you will be tackling hilly areas, you might need to think about whether this is the right scooter for you.

Operating Range

One thing that you must keep in mind when considering purchasing the Atto is that this isn’t a scooter that’s primarily designed for day to day use. Its main purpose is to aid those who wish to travel a lot and get about without the hassle of a cumbersome scooter.

However, this compact design does mean that you have to sacrifice on range. On a single four to five-hour charge, you will get around 12 miles out of the Atto. That’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re looking for something for long, all-day adventures, you’ll need to make sure you can stop and recharge.

The good thing is that there is a battery indicator light, so you’ll have plenty of warning before the juice runs out.

Note that the Atto has a max speed of 4mph, although some users have said that it will go faster on smooth, level ground.

Safety Features

The Atto has a good range of safety features that will give you much greater peace of mind when using the scooter. That said, it is lacking mirrors, so you’ll struggle to see behind you when reversing, which is something of an issue.

What the Atto does have, however, is an excellent braking system. With ABS, you can safely stop in an emergency, and the ERB system ensures safer braking at all times. What’s more, when the Atto senses that you are on a downward slope, it’ll automatically slow down the pace. It does the same when turning a sharp corner.

You’ll also benefit from a horn to let others know that you are there, which is something you’d expect to see on all mobility scooters.

What We Like

How can you look at the Atto and not love its portability? This is by far the most obvious selling point of this mobility scooter and the manufacturer has really achieved what they set out to do.

The Atto is perfect for frequent travellers, thanks to how compact it is when folded. It even sits on a wheeled trolley, so you don’t have to pick it up and cart it around wherever you go. It’ll come apart for even greater convenience, so if you want to explore the world, you won’t have to let your mobility issues stop you.

The Atto  is beautifully easy to use and comes with various adjustments so you can set it to a position that feels comfortable for you. With flat free tires, automatic slow down and a smart braking system, you’ll feel safe no matter where you go.

  • ERB and ABS
  • Quick charging time
  • Good range for occasional use
  • Super easy to fold and dismantle
  • FDA approved
  • Good ground clearance
  • Good number of safety features
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Lightweight yet durable frame

What We Didn’t Like

There are a lot of wonderful things about the Atto, but there are a few things that might make it unsuitable for some users. Consider the fact that the seat has no head rest and doesn’t feature the best padding we’ve ever seen. If you’re using it just for travel this might be OK, but for more intense use, you may find it becomes uncomfortable.

It’s also worth thinking about the speed. The Atto runs up to 4mph, which is around walking pace. But there are some scooters out there that can travel twice as quickly. If you live a fast-paced life, then this might not be what you’re looking for.

The low gradient means that the Atto doesn’t perform as well as some of its competitors on hills or slopes. If you’ll mainly travel on level ground, this won’t be an issue, but it’s worth thinking about if you need to tackle a lot of steep ramps and slopes.

  • Could be quicker
  • Low maximum gradient
  • No headrest
  • Poor customer service reviews

Round-Up Review

No two mobility scooters are the same and the Atto sets itself apart by being one of the best mobility scooters for travel. If you’re often heading off on an adventure in a plane, car, boat, or train then you’ll need a compact and lightweight scooter. The Atto embodies these things perfectly. It’s super quick to take apart, folds down to cabin luggage size, and can even be wheeled about with its own trolley.

There are a few things that let the Atto down, but these are largely minor concerns. For example, the seat padding could be better, but that’s nothing that a well-placed cushion can’t solve.

All in all, this is a durable, well-made, and convenient scooter that is perfect for the modern traveler. Being FDA-approved you can travel in confidence without the worry of having to leave your mobility aid behind.

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