Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 Mobility Scooter Review

Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter review

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Pride Mobility launched the Victory 10 mobility scooter, which was a hugely popular model, and owing to that, the brand then went on to make some improvements, bringing you the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter. This updated model is the perfect solution for users who need a travel-friendly scooter with a generous weight capacity.

If it’s versatility you’re looking for, the indoor/outdoor features mean you can get the most out of the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter. In this review, we will be taking a closer look at its features.

Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 Mobility Scooter Specs

Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter
  • Size (L x W): 47″ x 22.25″
  • Seat Size (W X D): 18″ or 20″
  • Height Adjustable Seat: Yes
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Max Speed: 5.2 mph
  • Range Per Charge: 13.5 or 11 miles
  • Turning Radius: 52″
  • Scooter Total Weight: 139 lbs
  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Ground Clearance: 3″
  • Suspension: No
  • Max Incline Rating:
  • Tiller Type: Delta


Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter seat

Seat Adjustments

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter doesn’t have as many adjustments as one might hope for in a versatile scooter. It does, however, have enough that you can comfortably use the scooter even with limited mobility.

For example, the seat benefits from an eight-point swivel system, which is an imperative feature for people who might find it challenging to get on and off the scooter safely. Rather than having to clamber up and awkwardly position yourself in the seat, you can turn it to any point across 360º, allowing you to mount and dismount with ease. The lever under the seat operates this function which is smooth and can be independently operated.

The seat comes with an 18-inch width which will be suitable for most people. However, owing to the fact that this is a scooter with a 400lb weight capacity, some users may find that a larger width feels more comfortable. Fortunately, they’ve got you covered and there is an option to upgrade the size of the seat to 20 inches.

While there is no headrest, the arms and seat itself have a good amount of padding which will keep the user comfortable, especially those who are prone to pressure sores.


One of the best things about the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is that the seat slides back and forth, allowing you to move it to a more comfortable position. This is good news for taller riders who may need more legroom between them and the tiller.

This feature may also be useful when getting on and off the scooter should the user need a little more space.


The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is designed for versatile use and as such is equipped with some handy storage options. You’ll notice that there is a large front basket, which is ideal for shopping and personal items. This basket also comes with a cover if you are carrying things you wish to keep discreet, but this also makes the storage more secure.

There’s also a cup holder attached to the tiller, and at the side of this, you will find a smaller pocket, which is perfect for storing your wallet or phone. The USB port is conveniently located just above this so you can charge your phone on the go!

Controls & Tiller

Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter delta tiller

Tiller Type

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter features a delta tiller with a wraparound handle. This is a much better option for people with limited dexterity or who may be unable to grip a T-shaped handle as easily. If you’re concerned about control, you needn’t worry when using a delta tiller, as you will have much greater control over the steering, which can give you better peace of mind. The D shape of the handle is far easier to turn, so it suits people with limited strength.

The handle is also padded with a soft grip giving you far greater comfort when using the scooter as well as improving your grip on the surface.

At the bottom of the tiller, there is a puddle light that not only illuminates your way but also lights up the lower portion of the tiller, where you’ll find the USB port and storage pockets.

The tiller can be adjusted using an easy-to-access knob, which can be turned to alter the angle of the tiller. This, combined with the sliding seat, means that you can adapt the scooter to your individual needs, giving you easy access to the controls without any risks.

Ease of Use

One of the things that stands out about the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is that it is so easy to use. Everything is super accessible so even if your mobility is severely impaired, you won’t have to struggle by overreaching or exerting yourself. With the aforementioned adjustability features, you’ll have easy access to the tiller controls.

Moreover, the controls are large and easy to operate. There’s a combination of dials and buttons, but both are suitable for people whose dexterity may not be as good. What’s more, the controls are clear and easy to see, even if your vision is impaired.

To complement this feature, the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter has a backlit voltmeter that alters automatically according to the environment so you’ll never struggle to see the display. Understanding how much charge the battery has left is superbly simple thanks to a green to red light system whose lights go out one by one as the battery drains. You won’t be caught short or face any nasty surprises in terms of power. But when you are ready to charge, the USB charging port is located on the tiller for easy access without having to bend down.

Another great feature is the battery reset button located at the base of the tiller. This can be pushed with the foot and will reset the battery in the event that it is affected by vibrations when you’re on the move.


Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter disassembled

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is designed for those with an active lifestyle and who don’t want to be limited to their local area. The scooter benefits from feather-touch disassembly, meaning that many users will be able to independently take their scooter apart for transportation.

It separates into four pieces not including the two batteries which you will need to take out, and is compact enough to be loaded into your vehicle. The heaviest part weighs a little over 64lbs, so you may need a lift or some assistance to load this.

However, the overall weight of the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is just 139lbs, making this one of the most lightweight and compact scooters on the market.


Moving the Scooter in Tight Spaces

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter has a turning radius of 52 inches which is far smaller than the average 59 inches that would be deemed a ‘good’ turning radius for a mobility scooter. This means that you shouldn’t have any problems in moving in tight spaces, and of course, the compact design certainly goes a long way in aiding this.

The scooter has a total width of just 22.25 inches which is incredibly small and is perfect for navigating narrow corridors and doorways. Since the average doorway is 36 inches, you’ll have plenty of room to move through.

While the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is a very well-made piece of equipment, that is perfect for running everyday errands, it may not be suitable for going over very bumpy ground. This is because it only has a ground clearance of 3 inches. This makes it suitable for very small obstacles but rougher terrain should be avoided.

Max Gradient

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter has a maximum gradient of 6º. Most wheelchair ramps will be 5º, so you will have no issue getting in and out of public buildings. That said, this isn’t the best option if you’re going to need to tackle steep slopes; it’s always essential to choose a scooter that matches the terrain for safety reasons.

Tires and Terrain

The tires on the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter are designed for mild to moderate terrain and will work well for your everyday needs. It features four solid tires, which are excellent in terms of maintenance as there is no chance of them getting a flat. If you’re concerned about being stranded with a flat tire, you won’t need to worry with the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter.

Moreover, the tires are non-scuff which further demonstrates why this is an excellent choice for an indoor scooter; it won’t leave any unsightly marks on the floor. However, you should keep in mind that this style of tire does give reduced traction and shock absorbency so when moving on uneven ground, you are more likely to feel those bumps, and it may not be as stable.

Operating Range

We would recommend the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter for day-to-day use, perhaps popping to a friend’s house for a coffee or going into town to do some shopping. This is because of the 13.5-mile operating range, which wouldn’t be suitable for heavy use. However, for small errands, this is the perfect solution and with two powerful gel batteries and a reliable display, you won’t need to worry about unexpectedly running out of power.

Safety Features

There aren’t many things that are as important as safety when choosing a mobility scooter, and the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter has some nice features to put your mind at rest. For starters, it boasts a key start which means that, once you remove the key, there is no risk of anyone being able to start the scooter, so it’s unlikely it’ll get stolen.

In terms of your safety when riding, the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter has a good lighting system with frosted LED headlights and a puddle light. Not only are these bright and effective, but they’re also incredibly stylish and give the scooter a modern, attractive look.

There is also the option to add on rear view mirrors and a safety belt when purchasing from certain retailers. If these are features that appeal to you, speak to your supplier.

What We Like

The most obvious selling point of the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is that it is ideal for travel and people with an active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to hit the road to discover new and exciting places, or need a mobility scooter to keep in the back of the car for vacations and outings, this is the ideal solution. We love how easily it comes apart and that users, for the most part, should be able to do this with very little assistance.

It’s also excellent that the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter comes with a higher weight capacity than other compact, portable scooters. This means that a more diverse range of people can benefit from its use. Not only this but with features that promote both indoor and outdoor use, it’s incredibly versatile.

It’s incredibly easy to drive and has a good number of features that make it comfortable and safe such as headlights and ample onboard storage.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to take apart with feather touch disassembly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Delta tiller for easy and comfortable control

What We Didn’t Like

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter does have a lot going for it, but there are a couple of things that we feel could be improved. Primarily, you will notice that there aren’t a lot of adjustability options with this scooter, and the seat is incredibly basic. This means that you aren’t able to adapt the scooter as much as we’d like, although there are options to adjust the tiller and slide the seat for easier access to the controls.

However, there is no headrest, and the seat adjustments are very limited. For example, the armrests do not flip up, which could make it challenging for some users to get on and off the seat.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this scooter is not suitable for use on uneven or rough terrain as the low ground clearance and solid tires aren’t compatible with these conditions.

  • Not an all-terrain scooter
  • Could have more comfort and adjustability options

Round-Up Review

It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of any potential mobility scooter since each one is designed with a different user in mind. If you’re looking for something that will be ideal for travel but doesn’t compromise where weight capacity is concerned, then you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter.

This is a compact and lightweight scooter that is perfect for loading into the back of the car quickly and easily. It’s perfect for running everyday errands and provides users with a way of getting from A to B without any hassle.

The Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is also an excellent choice for people who require a scooter both inside and outdoors. The anti-scuff tires and compact size are perfect for indoors, while the solid, flat-free tires make this perfect for navigating an outdoor space.

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