Drive Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair Review

Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair review

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Finding a powered wheelchair that has all the benefits of a portable manual wheelchair can be tricky but the Drive Cirrus Power Plus encapsulates all of the most important features of each type of wheelchair in one affordable package.

For wheelchair users who need flexibility and versatility, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus offers everything you’ll need from a lightweight, foldable design to all-terrain tires that won’t limit you on how you live your life. In this guide, we will be looking at the features of the Drive Cirrus Power Plus in a little more detail in order to help you decide whether this is the right wheelchair for you.

Drive Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair Specs

Cirrus Plus folding electric wheelchair
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs, 400 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x L): 24″ – 28″ x 42.5″
  • Seat Size (W x D): 18″ – 22″ x 16″
  • Foldable/Disassembles: Foldable
  • Max Speed: 5 mph
  • Driving Range: 15 miles
  • Turning Radius: 30″ – 33″
  • Wheel Size: 8″ (front), 12.5″ (rear)
  • Ground Clearance: 4″
  • Max Incline Angle:
  • Drive System: Rear-wheel drive
  • Product Weight: 146 lbs


Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair footrests

One of the most important things for any wheelchair user is comfort, if your wheelchair isn’t comfortable, you’ll find yourself not wanting to spend time in it, and for some users, that’s not an option. Thankfully, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is bursting with comfort features and some nice optional add-ons that make this an incredibly desirable chair.

Seat Width

When choosing a wheelchair, you must take the seat width into account as this will determine how much support you get. You’ll need to select something that is in line with your body size, and the great thing about the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is that it comes with a choice of three seat widths ranging between 18 and 22 inches.

Padding & Upholstery

The seat cover on the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is made from vinyl which is a great option for people who may be prone to spills or who suffer with incontinence since it’s so easy to wipe clean. However, you should keep in mind that it isn’t the most breathable option and could cause sweating, especially when you’re in the chair for long hours.

The adjustable tension back upholstery allows you to further adapt the wheelchair to your own needs, and you’ll also benefit from a good-sized storage pouch on the rear of the seat.

As standard, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus comes with a foam seat cushion which will offer a decent amount of comfort and support for most users. It’s breathable and relatively durable although it may lose its shape over time. However, if you require something a little more supportive there are options to upgrade the cushioning. You have a choice of memory foam, luxury gel, or a total chair cushion. These are worth considering if you are prone to pressure sores or will be spending a lot of time in the wheelchair. Of course, as with all upgrades, you will need to pay for these.

Weight Capacity

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus can handle up to 400lbs in weight, but this does depend on the seat width you choose. The smaller seat widths may only be suitable for those weighing up to 300lbs, so it’s imperative that you check this before buying. Failing to use the correct weight capacity for your size will lead to unsafe use of the wheelchair and potential injuries.

Foot/Head/Arm Rests

The armrests on the Drive Cirrus Power Plus are exceptionally well thought out and boast the ability to be swung away or completely removed. This allows the user to transfer in and out of the wheelchair without obstruction and the adjustment feature means that you’ll be able to adapt the armrests to your liking. They’re padded for comfort and so are ideal for those who rely on a wheelchair for much of the day.

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus also benefits from swing-away footrests, which are also excellent when it comes to making transfers. These can be removed entirely when the moment calls for it, and there are calf straps and heel loops to ensure a safe and secure fit. If you require elevated legs, there is an option to add this feature on, but it will come at an additional cost.

The only thing that the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is really missing is a head rest which makes this unsuitable for people who have difficulty holding their head or who need more support in the head and neck.

Controls & Operation

Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair controls

Nobody wants a wheelchair that feels impossible to operate, but the great thing about the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is that the controls are simple and easy to get to grips with. There’s a joystick for moving the chair and a small series of buttons located on a control pad that extends from the armrest. We were particularly impressed with the adjustment feature which allows you to alter the length of the control pad according to the length of your arms.

The batteries are super easy to remove and are located under the seat in a basket. Just a few simple connections keep them in place so you won’t struggle taking them out when needed.


One of the things that makes the Drive Cirrus Power Plus stand out from other powered wheelchairs is how portable it is. While some powered chairs are cumbersome and cannot be folded, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is designed for the active user on the go.

It can be easily folded by removing the batteries and pulling up on the battery basket. You’ll then fold the wheelchair in the same way you would fold a manual chair, compacting its size significantly. It’s small enough to then load into the trunk of your car and you’re on your way. Moreover, at just 146lbs including the batteries, this is a very lightweight wheelchair and the frame weighs just 90lbs.


Cirrus Plus folding powered wheelchair backview

Being able to move your wheelchair freely through any environment is essential in being able to maintain mobility. We loved that the Drive Cirrus Power Plus has plenty of features that make it a great everyday wheelchair. Although, we should point out that it’s far better for outdoor use than it is indoor.


The Drive Cirrus Power Plus has an overall width of 24 to 28 inches, depending on the seat width you have chosen. While this isn’t the most compact wheelchair on the market, it is more than narrow enough to navigate through a standard-sized doorway.

Turning Radius

The turning radius of the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is between 30 and 33 inches, again this will be dependent on which seat width you have opted for. There are some wheelchairs whose turning radius is as small as 20 inches, so you can see that this is rather big in the scheme of things.

This, coupled with some other features means that you may find it a little more challenging to use the Drive Cirrus Power Plus in tight indoor spaces. You should be OK in most public areas, such as grocery stores that are wheelchair friendly, but you may need something smaller for moving around the home.

Drive System

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus benefits from a rear-wheel-drive system which is why the turning radius is larger than some other wheelchairs. However, while this may be a drawback, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is ideal for use on a variety of outdoor terrains, thanks to the stability and reliability of the rear-wheel drive. If you don’t want to be held back and want to be able to keep up with friends and family no matter where life may take you, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus offers you the option to do so.


Along with the rear-wheel drive, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus features solid tires that are designed for all-terrain use. The rear wheels are larger than the front at 12.5 inches, ensuring superior stability no matter what life throws at you.

What’s more, this solid design means that you won’t have the worry of a puncture so nothing will slow you down. Of course, you don’t have quite the same level of shock absorbency as a pneumatic tire so if you have joint problems, then this is worth considering.

Ground Clearance & Incline

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus is designed for people who have an active lifestyle and who don’t want to be held back so the 4-inch ground clearance is a huge bonus. This ensures that you will be able to move over rough and bumpy terrain without the worry that the wheelchair will become stuck.

Most public wheelchair ramps have a 5º incline, so you must make sure that your wheelchair can cope with this. The Drive Cirrus Power Plus isn’t going to let you down since it’s easily able to tackle slopes up to 6º.

Driving Range

If you’re looking for a wheelchair that isn’t going to give up the ghost halfway through the day, then the Drive Cirrus Power Plus is an excellent choice since it features a 15-mile driving range per charge. This may be influenced by the weight that the wheelchair is carrying and the terrain you’re driving on, but generally speaking, it should be more than enough to get you through the day.

You’ll also be able to travel up to 5 miles per hour which is more than the average walking speed. If you’re in a hurry, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus will get you where you need to be fast!

Safety Features

Safe use of your wheelchair is a must, and the more safety features it has, the better. The Drive Cirrus Power Plus benefits from reliable electromagnetic braking, which automatically slows the chair down. Although there is the option to use the manual brakes, as well giving you greater control.

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus is fitted with a lap belt that will keep you stable and secure while using the wheelchair. You’ll also benefit from anti-tip castors at the rear of the chair, so there’s no worry of it toppling over regardless of the terrain underneath.

What We Like

The main thing that makes the Drive Cirrus Power Plus a superior wheelchair is how portable and versatile it is. You’ll be free to take this wheelchair with you wherever you go without hindrance. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the ground is smooth, bumpy, rough, or textured the rear-wheel-drive and durable tires offer amazing all-terrain abilities.

We also love that the Drive Cirrus Power Plus has so many customization options. You can add on different cushion types, and there’s an option to include an elevating leg rest. There are choices in seat width and weight capacity making it suitable for a wider range of users. Moreover, the arm and footrests are removable and adjustable, so you can really tailor the chair to your needs.

  • Suitable for all terrain
  • Affordable
  • Good weight capacity
  • Portable and foldable
  • Lightweight but durable frame
  • Solid tires
  • 15 mile driving range

What We Didn’t Like

Most of the features of the Drive Cirrus Power Plus are pretty impressive, but there are a couple of things that the manufacturer could add to make it that little more special. For starters, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus doesn’t come with a headrest, so users who need more support in this area may not be able to use it.

Furthermore, you have to take into consideration the larger turning radius, which could be problematic for people who need an indoor wheelchair. While it excels outdoors, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus probably isn’t the best option for moving around the home.

  • Big turning radius
  • No headrest

Round-Up Review

The Drive Cirrus Power Plus is an excellent powered wheelchair that boasts all of the benefits of a manual wheelchair such as being lightweight and foldable. It’s the perfect option for the wheelchair user who needs something to match their active lifestyle. Whether it’s running your daily errands or heading off on an adventure, the Drive Cirrus Power Plus will be right there with you.

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