Invacare Reliant Plus 450 Powered Patient Lift Review

Invacare Reliant Plus 450 powered patient lift review

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Invacare is well known for making excellent patient lifts and the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is no exception. This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be just as easily be used in a patient’s home as it can be in a residential home setting. The lift is ideal for places where a variety of patients will use the lift as there is the option to use several different types of sling.

Moreover, the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 boasts several features that ensure maximum safety for both the caregiver and the patient. In this review, we will be looking at these features and more to help you make the decision as to whether this is the right patient lift for you.

Invacare Reliant Plus 450 Powered Patient Lift Specs

Invacare Reliant Plus 450 powered patient lift
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Lifting Range: 24″ to 74″
  • Base Width Open: 41″
  • Base Width Closed: 26.5″
  • Base Length: 48″
  • Base Height: 4.5″
  • Overall Height: 51″
  • Wheel Size: 3″ (front), 5″ (rear)
  • Product Weight: 106 lbs
  • Spreader Bar Type: 6-point
  • Lift Type: Battery-powered
  • Base Type: Manual

Lifting Range

Height Range

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 has a very generous lifting range meaning that the lift is suitable for a wide range of transfers. Whether you are moving the patient to a bed, wheelchair, toilet, seat, or anywhere else, the 24-inch to 74-inch range gives you amazing versatility.

Moreover, this powered patient lift is designed to aid caregivers in lifting patients who have fallen to the floor. It does so safely and efficiently, making transfers easy and comfortable for everyone involved.


In days gone by, many users would have had no other choice but to opt for a manual patient lift which puts a lot of strain on the caregiver, especially in a professional setting where lifts are used throughout the day.

However, there are now a lot of powered lifts, like the Invacare Reliant Plus 450, that rely on a battery for operation. What’s great about this model is that you receive two batteries as standard, so you can be charging one while the other is in use; there’s no risk of running out of power and having to wait for a recharge. Furthermore, there is a battery warning alarm that lets you know when the power is almost out.

In the event of an emergency, should the power go out, the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 features a manual emergency lower device to ensure that the transfer can be completed. During all types of operation, the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 benefits from pinch point protection on all moving parts, further ensuring the safety of both patient and caregiver.

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is operated using an ergonomic hand pendant with clear and simple controls. It is attached to a heavy-duty cord that will stand up to a lot of use. Furthermore, the device benefits from an anti-entrapment feature so that if the boom meets any kind of resistance, there’s no risk of injury.

Lift Dimensions

When purchasing a patient lift, it is vital to consider the size. Some lifts are significantly larger than others, making them unsuitable for use in confined spaces.

What we loved about the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 was that it boasts a relatively compact base with a maximum width of 41 inches. While this might be too large to fit through a standard doorway, it pays to keep in mind that the base can be made narrower down to 26.5, which gives you more than enough clearance.

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 also benefits from a low base height of just 4.5 inches, making it ideal for sliding under a bed to ensure safer and easier transfers.

Lifting Capacity

For the sake of safety, it is incredibly important to make sure that your lift has a weight capacity that matches the weight of the intended user. You will find that most come with a weight limit anywhere between 275lbs and 400lbs but the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is able to carry up to 450lbs, making it much more versatile and suitable for a wider range of patients.

Spreader Bar

Your choice of spreader bar does make a huge difference to the operation of the swing. One of the things that stands out most about the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is that you have options. You can choose to have the lift with either a four-point or six-point bar, both of which increase the device’s ability to safely lift more weight. Moreover, the overall durability of the lift will be improved and since this is advertised as being a long-lasting lift, this is an encouraging feature to have.

Both spreader bar options allow the caregiver to quickly and easily hook up a choice of slings. You can use a standard sling, a wide sling, or a toileting sling so it’s great for using with patients who have varying needs.

However, you should keep in mind that this style of spreader bar will put the user in a more upright position. If you are working with people who may have balance issues, this could be a problem.


Since the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is designed for versatility, you need to feel confident that it can be used in a number of locations around the setting. This means being able to freely move it from one place to another. We have already touched on the adjustable base which allows you to widen and narrow the lift as needed. Moreover, when the base is in the desired position, it can be locked using a manual lever for improved safety. There is an option to upgrade to a powered base but keep in mind that this will incur an additional fee. But this isn’t the only feature that makes the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 easy to move around.

The lift is fitted to low friction castor wheels that make moving across various surfaces much easier, even challenging flooring types such as carpet are much simpler to navigate. The wheels are lockable so that the user and caregiver are safe when the device is in operation.

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 weighs 106lbs when fully unloaded. While it isn’t the most lightweight lift on the market, it certainly isn’t the heaviest and proves easy to move around without having to strain yourself. What’s more, it is fitted with a multi-grip handle that is designed to limit wrist strain on the caregiver.

What We Like

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is an impressive piece of equipment that would work very well in a care home setting with patients with a wide range of needs. It can be used with a number of different sling types which can be easily attached to the 4 or 6 point spreader.

The lift is ideal for use in various locations around the building thanks to an adjustable base that narrows down to a size that is more than compatible with a standard doorway or narrow corridor.

But what really impressed us was the number of safety features that the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 has. This is a device designed to reduce pressure and strain on the caregiver to prevent back injuries but the safety and comfort of the patient is also of the utmost importance.

  • 450lb weight capacity
  • Lots of safety features
  • Two batteries included
  • Great for use on various surfaces
  • Can use different sling types
  • Easy to move around

What We Didn’t Like

There aren’t a lot of things we could say in a bad light regarding the Invacare Reliant Plus 450. This is a hugely reliable piece of equipment that offers excellent versatility. However, it is worth pointing out that this device may not be suitable for use with patients who have balance issues purely relating to the fact that the spreader bar requires them to be in a more upright position. This could compromise safety on a device that is designed to do the exact opposite.

  • Not suitable for patients with balance issues.

Round-Up Review

If you are looking for a patient lift that will meet the needs of several users, then there isn’t anything we would recommend more highly than the Invacare Reliant Plus 450. This lift allows caregivers in a professional setting to move from room to room and patient to patient smoothly, quickly, and easily. Moreover, with the option to use various types of sling, you aren’t limited as to what type of transfers you can do with the Invacare Reliant Plus 450.

It’ll improve safety massively and this is one of the main selling points. So, if you require a patient lift that isn’t going to put a strain on the carer and that will be comfortable and safe for the patient, the Invacare Reliant Plus 450 is well worth considering.

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