Bestlift PL400EF Foldable Patient Lift Review

Bestlift PL400EF foldable patient lift review

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There are times when a portable patient lift is invaluable; for people who spend a lot of time traveling or for those who require a lift that can be kept out of the way when not in use. While there are many options on the market, we have been seriously impressed by the Bestlift PL400EF, which offers a range of handy features for the user on the go.

Being a fully foldable lift, the Bestlift PL400EF allows you to stow the device in the trunk of your car or in a closet when it isn’t in use. But this portable design doesn’t come at the sacrifice of other important things like comfort and safety. In our review, we will be discussing some of the most impressive features of this highly portable patient lift.

BestCare Bestlift PL400EF Foldable Patient Lift Specs

Bestlift PL400EF foldable patient lift from BestCare
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Lifting Range: 27.4″ to 67.2″
  • Base Width Open: 37.7″
  • Base Width Closed: 25.8″
  • Base Length: 41.6″
  • Base Height: 4.5″
  • Overall Height: 66.6″
  • Wheel Size: 3″ (front), 4″ (rear)
  • Product Weight: 83 lbs
  • Spreader Bar Type: 2-point
  • Lift Type: Battery-powered
  • Base Type: Manual

Lifting Range

Height Range

One of the great things about the Bestlift PL400EF is that while it is compact and portable, it still has a very generous lifting range between 24.7 inches and 67.2 inches. This will allow the caregiver to transfer the user between various places including the bed, a chair, a wheelchair, the toilet, and many more. If it’s versatility you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

More importantly, the Bestlift PL400EF is designed to lift patients from the floor so it is suitable for users who are prone to falls.


Like many other powered lifts, the Bestlift PL400EF operates using a rechargeable battery. You do only get one battery as standard but there is an option to purchase a second when you buy the equipment. This comes in handy as it will prevent you having to wait while the battery charges.

To simplify its use, the Bestlift PL400EF benefits from the new Bestlift control system which allows smooth and simple operation for the caregiver. You will receive a comfortable and clear handheld remote that is tethered to the lift via a strong power cable.

Lift Dimensions

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a portable lift is that it is not overly large as this will limit how easy it is to take from place to place. The manufacturers have not left anything to chance, and the small footprint of the base is ideal for moving around a setting with ease. At full spread, the base measures 37.7 inches but it can be adjusted to be as narrow as 25.8 inches which is ideal for getting through doorways or moving through tight corridors.

The Bestlift PL400EF has a 41-inch length which is relatively compact and means that the lift won’t take up a huge amount of space in a room making it a good choice to use in smaller spaces. You’ll also notice that the base has a 4.5-inch clearance allowing you to move the lift under a bed or chair to make transfers that are a little more safe and easy.

Lifting Capacity

Patient lifts always come with a maximum weight capacity and it is essential not to overload the lift otherwise you risk putting the patient in harm’s way. The Bestlift PL400EF can take up to 400lbs making it suitable for a wide range of users. However, for bariatric patients, the company also makes the exact same lift with either a 500lb or 600lb weight capacity. Be sure to choose one that is compatible with the weight of the user.

Spreader Bar

As is the case with most portable patient lifts, the Bestlift PL400EF comes with a two-point spreader bar. While these spreader bars are not quite as durable as a four or even six-point bar, they are ideal for less intense use. Compare this bar with the 400lb weight capacity of the Bestlift PL400EF and you’ve got a pretty secure and reliable combination.

A two-point spreader bar will also keep the patient in a slightly more reclined and closed position, so these are ideal for those who might find it challenging to remain upright. However, some patients may not find this comfortable.

Another great thing about the 2-point spreader bar is that slings can be very easily attached and the design offers good safety. You’ll have the choice to use a wide range of sling types with the Bestlift PL400EF including paediatric, toileting, full-body, universal, and more.


Bestlift PL400EF patient lift folded


The Bestlift PL400EF is fitted with a compact base that can be fully adjusted to suit the current situation. We would suggest keeping a wider base where possible when the lift is in operation as this provides much greater stability.

However, when you are moving the lift around a tight space, the ability to make the base narrower is imperative. Furthermore, the lower than the average base height of 4.5 inches means that getting up close to the transfer surface, i.e a bed or chair, becomes much easier as the lift base can simply slide underneath.

The base is adjusted manually, and when you have it in the desired position, it can be locked to ensure maximum safety. Unfortunately, unlike some other patient lifts, there isn’t an option to upgrade to a powered base.


The larger the wheels, the easier it will be to move over a wider range of surfaces. When at work in a care home or when using the Bestlift PL400EF in a private home, you are likely to face a number of different flooring materials. The 3-inch front wheels and larger 4 inch rear wheels allow for good traction across surfaces without creating too much friction.

These are castor wheels that feature a lock on the rear wheels ensuring the lift remains still and secure as you load the patient in.

What’s great is that, even when the Bestlift PL400EF is folded, you can tilt the device and roll it to the desired location using the wheels so you won’t need to worry about lifting and carrying.


While the Bestlift PL400EF does have wheels for easy transportation even when folded, you may still need to lift the equipment into a closet or the trunk of the car. Owing to the fact that the Bestlift PL400EF weighs only 83lbs when unloaded, this won’t be a trying task.


If you’re looking for a patient lift that will fold away for storage or transportation then the Bestlift PL400EF definitely has features that make this much simpler. The beauty of this equipment is that not only does it fold but the process couldn’t be easier.

The Bestlift PL400EF folds away using a three-step process that involves removing pins to fold the boom and spreader bar. These pins are then reinserted to keep everything secure and the result is a device that is now as good as flat.

When fully folded, the Bestlift PL400EF will easily fit into the trunk of the car so it’s an excellent option for people who travel regularly but still need the assistance of a lift.

What We Like

We love that the Bestlift PL400EF is so portable. This is by far one of the best portable patient lifts on the market and it would appear that the manufacturer has thought of everything to make your life easier.

Whether you’re moving the lift from room to room or need to transport it to an entirely new location, the easy folding process and adjustable base make this possible. All of this is achieved without affecting the durability or security of the lift.

We were also very impressed with how versatile the Bestlift PL400EF is. It can be smoothly wheeled across a number of different surfaces and can be fitted with several different types of sling. It’s perfect for use at home or in a care setting.

  • Very durable and well made
  • Smooth transfers
  • Folds flat for storage and transport
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good height range and can lift from floor

What We Didn’t Like

We have to admit that we were very impressed by the Bestlift PL400EF and there aren’t a lot of things to complain about. That said, it didn’t escape our attention that the Bestlift PL400EF is missing a manual emergency lowering control. In the event of a power outage, this would be an incredibly useful feature to have.

Furthermore, you only get one battery with the Bestlift PL400EF which means that, when the power runs out, you will need to wait to be able to use the device again. While there is an option to purchase an additional battery, this does come with an additional fee.

  • No emergency lowering
  • Only one battery included

Round-Up Review

We think that the Bestlift PL400EF is ideal for people who are constantly on the go. If you spend a lot of time traveling between locations and need to take your patient lift with you then the foldable, compact design of the Bestlift PL400EF is perfect.

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