Best Hip Chairs for Post-Operative Patients

Best hip chairs

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If you have recently undergone hip or knee surgery or struggle with painful joints then you will be familiar with the discomfort that this can bring, even during activities as mild as sitting down.

However, there is a solution in the form of a hip chair which could be beneficial should you find yourself struggling.

Hip Chairs Comparison Chart

Drive Hip Chair with Maple Wood Construction

Drive Hip Chair

Platinum Health Hip Chair

EagleHealth Bariatric Hip Shower Chair

Lumex Everyday Hip Chair with Adjustable Footrest

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

300 lbs

265 lbs

500 lbs

350 lbs

Overall Chair Dimensions

40" (H) x 24" (W) x 25" (D)

40.75" (H) x 22" (W) x 29" (D)

34" – 38" (H) x 22" (W) x 23" (D)

34" – 38" (H) x 25.5" (W) x 22.75" (D)

40.75" (H) x 25" (W) x 24.5" (D)

Width Between Arms






Floor to Seat Height



23" – 27.5"

19.25" – 23.25"


Product Weight

33 lbs

33.6 lbs

12 lbs

14.85 lbs

44.90 lbs


What is a Hip Chair?

A hip chair is designed for people who struggle to sit down or get up. This could be as a result of surgery or because of old age. In any case, these chairs, which are much higher from the ground, have a range of benefits.

A regular chair may be anywhere between 17 and 19 inches from the ground to the seat. In contrast a hip chair has a seat height of around 26 to 27 inches. This additional height can make it significantly easier to sit in the chair and get back up. What’s more, this design can help to reduce falls for people who struggle with their mobility.

Those with painful conditions such as arthritis would find a hip chair to be extremely advantageous but they are also often advised for people who have undergone recent hip or knee surgery. The additional height can take away much of the pain associated with these conditions.

Benefits of Using a Hip Chair

Hip chairs for seniors

Using a hip chair can bring about many benefits, one of the most obvious and important being that the user is much more easily able to get in and out of the chair independently. This type of chair is an essential recovery aid for those who have undergone surgery from which rehabilitation, in some cases, can take upwards of three months.

One of the main problems for people who struggle to get in and out of a low chair is that a lot of strain is placed on the joints. For those whose joints may already be painful, inflamed, or otherwise affected, this can increase healing time and potentially exacerbate any existing symptoms. A hip chair relieves this pressure on the joint, therefore aiding recovery and reducing pain.

Hip chairs are often used by elderly patients who would otherwise find using a chair very challenging. If people with limited mobility attempt to use a lower chair, there is a significant risk of falling which could result in potentially life threatening injuries. With the raised design of a hip chair, the user has a much lower risk of falling.

In addition to this, there are hip chairs that can be used in the shower, where many falls take place. If you struggle to stand in the shower as a result of an injury, surgery, or old age, having a hip chair can make the experience much safer and more comfortable.

Hip Chair Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the right hip chair for you, there are several things that you will need to consider. Whether you need a hip chair for temporary use or something a little more permanent, the following are all things that you should factor into your decision.

Seat Dimensions

One of the most important things to think about is how comfortable you will be when sitting in the hip chair. You will also want to make sure that the seat offers you enough support. For this reason, checking that the width and depth of the seat are compatible with your body size is crucial.

For slightly larger people, a more generous width or depth may be needed and it is important that this is observed to promote the best level of support and comfort.

Height Adjustability

While most hip chairs are around 26 inches in height, there are many that have an option to adjust the legs. This is important in meeting the needs of different people of varying heights. You should consider that a taller hip chair will generally place much less strain on the user’s joints, particularly as they transfer in and out of the chair.

If you will be using the hip chair for a longer period of time, your comfort will be one of your main priorities. Being able to adjust the angle of the seat can go a long way in removing unnecessary hip flexion. If hip flexion becomes excessive, this can cause pain in the lower back as well as hamstring pain. 


For people who spend prolonged periods in a seated or lying position, the chance of pressure sores is a very real risk. However, by using a padded or cushioned hip chair, much of this pressure can be removed, therefore, sores are less likely to develop. What’s more, having additional cushioning will provide the user with much greater general comfort.

The upholstery should also be easy to clean. In many cases, you will find that these chairs come with a wipe-clean surface which is essential for hygiene. If the user struggles with incontinence, it is imperative that the upholstery is waterproof otherwise bodily fluids could seep into the chair causing an odor and bacteria build-up. If the chair will be used for showering, it is vital that it won’t soak up water.

Seat Construction

Whether you are going to be using your hip chair over the long term or just while you recover from surgery, it is vital that it will be reliable. One of the best ways of determining this is to check its durability and how well constructed it is.

In the main, hip chair frames will be made from metals such as steel and aluminum. These are incredibly lightweight which means that the chair will be easy to move from place to place as well as offering excellent robustness. Aluminum and stainless steel are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion which is great news for those who need to use the chair in the shower.


If your mobility is already compromised, the last thing you want is a chair that doesn’t offer you any support as you get out of it. Armrests are a great feature for providing additional leverage as the user ascends out of the chair. What’s more, they give the user something to hold onto as they lower themselves down, promoting better balance.

If the user is at risk of falling, this is a key feature to look for. However, you should make sure that the armrests are as well constructed as the seat and will be able to take a lot of pressure.

Weight Capacity

Depending on your weight, you may need to look for a chair that has a higher weight capacity. Most options will have a weight capacity of between 200-300 lbs which is suitable for most adults. However, if you are slightly larger, there are those that are more heavy duty for bariatric patients.

It is crucial that you never attempt to use a hip chair that has not been designed for your weight category as this could lead to a serious injury.

Best Hip Chairs for Easier Sitting

There are many hip chairs on the market and this can make choosing one incredibly difficult, even when you are armed with the knowledge you have already gained by reading this guide. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, our selection of the best hip chairs will provide you with a great insight into what is on offer.

1. Drive Hip Chair with Maple Wood Construction

Drive medical hip chair with maple wood

Best Comfortable Hip Chair – Drive Hip Chair with Maple Wood Construction

If there is anything that jumps out at you when you first look at this hip chair, it is that it is much more visually appealing than some of its competitors. Quite often, a hip chair can look very clinical but this one has a much more decor-friendly aesthetic and will easily blend into your home without being an eyesore.

What’s more, in terms of performance, this chair has much to offer. It is relatively lightweight and easy to move around while remaining strong and stable. It is able to take up to 300 lbs so is suitable for most adults and has an adjustable footrest so that you can tailor the fit to your body.

This chair is made from a strong maple wood meaning that it is one of the most durable on the market. It also features a vinyl cover that is both soft and easy to clean. The cover is also water resistance so the chair can be used in the shower. At 19 inches in width, it is also very generous in terms of size.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Overall chair dimensions: 40″ (H) x 24″ (W) x 25″ (D)
  • Width between arms: 19″
  • Floor to seat height: 26″
  • Product weight: 33 lbs


  • Generous weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Water resistant
  • Wide seat
  • Designed specifically for patients recovering from hip surgery
  • Nice aesthetic appeal


  • Could be more lightweight

2. Drive Hip Chair

Drive hip chair

Best Overall Hip Chair – Drive Hip Chair

The Drive Hip Chair has a lot of useful features that make this an excellent addition to your rehabilitation plan. It boasts a stylish black design that while not as visually pleasing as our previous offering, will easily blend in thanks to its simplicity.

The chair also features contoured armrests which offer excellent comfort while seated as well as a stable grip as you move in and out of the chair. There is also a footrest for additional comfort as well as a padded cushion on the seat and backrest.

This hip chair is suitable for people weighing up to 300 lbs and is incredibly stable for heavy duty use. However, with a width of just 17.5 inches, it may be too constricting for some users. There is no option to adjust the height which could be an inconvenience.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Overall chair dimensions: 40.75″ (H) x 22″ (W) x 29″ (D)
  • Width between arms: 17.5″
  • Floor to seat height: 26″
  • Product weight: 33.6 lbs


  • Footrest
  • Stylish design
  • Vinyl padded seat and backrest
  • Easy to clean
  • 300 lbs weight capacity


  • No height adjustment
  • Narrow seat

3. Platinum Health Hip Chair

Best Hip Chair with an Adjustable Seat Angle – Platinum Health Hip Chair

The hip chair from Platinum Health features an adjustable seat angle. This can go from horizontal to 13º which is ideal for people who need to reduce their hip flexion and as a result, their overall comfort. In addition to this, there is also the option to adjust the height from anywhere between 23 and 27 inches.

The Platinum healthcare hip chair offers a fully padded backrest and seat which makes it a delight to sit in as well as a PU foam cover that is water resistant and incredibly easy to clean. This hip chair boasts a heavy duty aluminum frame that won’t rust and can be used as a shower seat.

While it also has padded armrests for getting in and out of the chair, we can’t help but notice that, in terms of style, this chair doesn’t offer much. But then, that is a minor concern.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Overall chair dimensions: 34″ – 38″ (H) x 22″ (W) x 23″ (D)
  • Width between arms: 20″
  • Floor to seat height: 23″ – 27.5″
  • Product weight: 12 lbs


  • Suitable for use in the shower
  • Padded seat, back and armrests
  • Heavy duty
  • Sturdy yet lightweight frame
  • Easy to clean


  • Vibrant seat color may not be suitable for all tastes

4. EagleHealth Bariatric Hip Shower Chair

Best Hip Chair for Easier Showering – EagleHealth Bariatric Hip Shower Chair

If you are looking for a chair to assist you while in the shower then this could be one of your best options. It features an incredibly comfortable design as well as many other notable aspects. The chair is height adjustable and it has a molded extra-wide textured seat. This is great for fitting the contours of your body and due to its wider frame, it is particularly suited for larger individuals.

The Eagle Health hip shower chair is very lightweight at just under 15 lbs meaning that it is exceptionally easy to move from place to place. With a hefty 500 lbs weight capacity, the chair is suitable for heavier users.

It comes with robust armrests that allow for safer and easier transfers and thanks to the 20 years of experience that this company has in the field, you can feel confident that the chair will meet every expectation.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Overall chair dimensions: 34″ – 38″ (H) x 25.5″ (W) x 22.75″ (D)
  • Width between arms: 23″
  • Floor to seat height: 19.25″ – 23.25″
  • Product weight: 14.85 lbs


  • Water resistant
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Wider seat suitable for larger individuals
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Anti-slip feet


  • Not suitable for normal-sized bathtubs due to its wider frame

5. Lumex Everyday Hip Chair with Adjustable Footrest

Best Durable Hip Chair – Lumex Everyday Hip Chair with Adjustable Footrest

One of the most important safety aspects when it comes to choosing the right hip chair is durability. This chair is made with a sturdy metal frame that will stand up to heavy duty use. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs and it feels incredibly robust. Aside from this stable and strong design, the Lumex everyday hip chair has much more to offer.

It boasts a beautifully padded seat and backrest making this ideal for users who will remain seated for longer periods of time. The padded armrests come in very handy when transferring in and out of the chair, offering a comfortable grip and exceptional stability and balance. There is also the addition of a footrest with an anti-slip lining that is perfect for making minor adjustments to your position while still seated.

With a height of 27 inches, this chair is beneficial to anyone who needs to relieve pressure on the joints. It is filled with a high density foam for the utmost in comfort and is also easy to clean.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Overall chair dimensions: 40.75″ (H) x 25″ (W) x 24.5″ (D)
  • Width between arms: 17.75″
  • Floor to seat height: 27.5″
  • Product weight: 44.90 lbs


  • Anti-slip foot rest
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Padded seat, backrests and armrests
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs


  • Seat width could be greater

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