Best Knee Walker Scooters

Best knee walker scooters

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For many people, an injury or surgery to the lower leg or foot can create a challenge where mobility is concerned. But with the busy, modern lives that most of us lead, there isn’t time to be stuck in the house and a knee walker scooter could be the solution to your problems. This piece of equipment could give you improved mobility and a better quality of life as your injury heals.

In this article, we will be exploring how and why you might need a knee walker scooter and what to look for when buying one. We will then take a look at some of the best options for knee walker scooters that are currently available.

Knee Walker Scooters Comparison Chart

Drive Medical Knee Walker with Basket

Weil Knee Scooter G2 by Medline

Roscoe Knee Scooter

Vive Health All-Terrain Knee Scooter

Nova Heavy Duty Knee Walker

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

300 lbs

350 lbs

300 lbs

400 lbs

Handle Height (min/max)

31" – 40"

33" – 38"

31" – 41"

38" – 46"

31.5" – 37.7"

Knee Pad Height (min/max)

16.5" – 20.5"

16" – 22"

17.5" – 22"

20" – 26"

17" – 22"

Knee Pad Depth (width x depth)

7" x 15"

8.5" x 20.5"

7" x 14"

7" x 14"

7.5" x 15"

Wheel Size






Product Weight

22 lbs

20 lbs

22.80 lbs

26 lbs

29 lbs


What is a Knee Walker Scooter?

Roscoe knee scooter walker
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If you have sustained an injury to the lower leg, it can be impossible to walk on it without causing further damage or extreme discomfort but a knee walker, which is sometimes called a knee scooter can help alleviate this problem.

It is a wheeled device that features between three and five wheels, depending on the model, and a cushioned support pad. You are able to rest your knee on this support pad whilst using your non-injured foot and a steering handle to propel you along.

Most models feature four wheels as this gives the best stability and balance and furthermore, makes steering a lot easier. For comfort, you will notice that the leg cradle or support is fully padded

Knee scooters provide a usable solution that allows the user to go where they need to with the ability to rest their injured leg and avoid putting further stress on it.

Who is a Knee Walker Scooter Suitable for?

A knee walker is a viable option for people who are recovering from a wide range of lower leg injuries. These might include any of the following:

  • Broken or fractured leg
  • Broken or fractured foot
  • Broken or fractured ankle
  • Anyone who is in recovery after surgery on the foot, ankle or lower leg
  • Ankle sprains
  • Amputation
  • Damage to the ligaments
  • Foot ulcers
  • Bunions
  • Other painful condition of the lower limbs

The knee walker may be an ideal solution for anyone who needs to remain mobile despite an injury but they may also be suited to older people who find a cane or other mobility aid too challenging to use.

Who Are Knee Scooters Not Suitable for?

It isn’t hard to see that these devices are versatile and offer a solution to a range of problems, however, there are some instances where this may not be suitable.

For example, if you have a cast that goes above the knee, a knee walker would not be a viable option.

Moreover, patients who suffer from dementia would not be a good candidate for a knee walker as their balance and coordination may be impaired. This applies to anyone who struggles with other conditions that affect balance.

If you have limited mobility in both of your legs then a knee walker may not be a safe or comfortable solution and it may be worth considering an alternative option.

Why Use a Knee Walker Scooter Instead of Crutches?

Each person will have different needs and whilst crutches are a good choice for some people, for the most part, a knee scooter is usually a preferable option and there are many reasons for this.

Using Crutches Can Be Tiring

Crutches require the user to put a lot of strain on their upper body and much of their weight is distributed in this area. For this reason, using crutches can be tiring.  Additionally, it is not uncommon for people using crutches to become sore where they have been putting their weight on the equipment whereas a knee walker can provide a much more comfortable experience.

Crutches also require the user to use both of their hands at the same time which means that they limit what the person is able to do. Your knee walker will not present this problem leaving you free to tend to other things.

Keeps the Injured/Healing Limb Off the Ground

In order to get the best healing in the shortest amount of time, it is important to keep the leg elevated, resting, and off the ground. This isn’t always easy when using crutches but a knee walker provides you with a comfortable place to rest your injured leg which can promote more efficient healing.

What’s more, with the leg raised off the ground, you are able to navigate the world in a safer manner. Unlike on crutches, where there is a risk of knocking the injured leg, a knee scooter doesn’t pose this risk so healing will not be hindered.

Assists with Rehabilitation

If you have suffered a relatively traumatic injury, using a knee scooter can help in your rehabilitation. This could mean different things for different people. Primarily, the knee scooter will ensure that your leg or foot is kept safe, improving the healing and avoiding any further injuries. All of this combined will get you back on your feet as soon as possible. In addition, it is proven that movement is essential in promoting faster healing thanks to the improved blood flow to the injury, using your knee walker will allow you to start getting some movement back without straining the leg.

However, using a knee walker will also give you the freedom to get back out into the world and do the things that you want to do without your limited mobility standing in your way.

Suitable for Users with Limited Upper-Body Strength

One of the biggest problems where crutches are concerned is that they do require the user to have a decent amount of upper body strength – this is all well and good for some people, but for many users, this is nigh on impossible.

Since the knee walker sits on wheels, the device will do most of the hard work for you, all you need to do is steer which doesn’t require any upper body strength at all.

Reduces the Risk of Falls

Unless you’ve honed your balance skills before you sustained your injury, using crutches can mean that you are somewhat challenged. Even for those who do have good balance, hopping around on one leg all day can pose a problem. This can result in trips or falls which could prolong the healing time as well as risking new injuries.

A knee scooter is a stable piece of equipment that greatly reduces the risk of falls, giving you the freedom to do the things you want to without causing further problems.

How to Use a Knee Walker Scooter Safely?

If you have suffered an injury, it can sometimes be intimidating getting used to a new piece of mobility equipment but the good news is that a knee walker isn’t difficult to master.

Before you begin using your knee walker it is important to be sure that you adjust it to the correct height. This will allow for maximum comfort and safety, however, it is also important to be sure that the handlebars are set at a comfortable level.

The brake should be locked as you get onto the scooter to avoid losing stability and potentially falling. All you need to do to get started is pop the injured leg onto the padded support and use your healthy leg to propel you along. Hold onto the handlebars to give yourself stability and control and you’re good to go. There are hand brakes that will stop the scooter as you need and you are in control of how fast or slowly you move around.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Knee Walker Scooter?

When looking at knee walkers there are some things that it pays to keep in mind. Since everyone will have different requirements when choosing their knee walker scooter, it is important to factor in a number of things to ensure that the scooter will meet your personal needs.


Perhaps one of the most important factors when selecting a knee walker is that it is adjustable. If it isn’t, you will find that it may be uncomfortable to use and could put a strain on your body if you are hunched over trying to reach the handlebars or stretching yourself too far.

Usually, both the handles and the support pad will be adjustable in terms of height and you should be able to set these to a position that is comfortable for you.

Foldable Design

If you are planning to take your knee walker in the car, it is important that it can be easily folded down to make transportation easier. There should be a folding mechanism to make this as simple as possible but it is also important to think about the weight of the equipment if you are going to be lifting it in and out of the trunk of your vehicle.

Having a knee walker that can be folded away also makes storing it a lot simpler, this is especially important if you have limited space in the home or workplace.

Weight Capacity

If you purchase a knee scooter that is not able to hold your weight, you are running the risk of reinjuring your leg or potentially causing an additional problem. This problem can be solved by making sure that the weight capacity of the device is compatible with your weight.

Most knee scooters have a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs but there are those that veer from this norm so it is important to check this before committing to any one model.

Knee Scooter’s Weight

As we mentioned earlier, if you are going to be lifting the knee scooter in and out of the car, ensuring that it isn’t too heavy is essential. There are many lightweight options on the market thanks to lighter construction materials and modern design but you should always check this prior to deciding on a scooter.

Furthermore, if you select a lightweight design, it can be easily carried by either yourself or an assistant at times when it is not currently needed.

Knee Scooter’s Use

Knee scooter manufacturers really have kept everything in mind when creating their products but this leaves you with a wide range of choices to decide from.

Where you will use the knee scooter will have a bearing on the type you choose, and there are some things to think about when deciding between an indoor and outdoor model. If you are planning to primarily use the knee walker outside then opting for an all-terrain model is sensible. These scooters feature much wider wheels that can handle uneven ground but are also a little bulkier in the frame which makes them more stable and able to withstand rougher use.

If you only require a scooter for indoor use or for use on a smooth surface, a more traditional design will suffice but it pays to remember that if you try to use one of these on rougher ground, it could cause the scooter to topple over.

Knee Pad Rest

Most knee scooters come with a generously padded knee rest which offers excellent comfort but it is important to test this out before buying – or if you’re making an online purchase, be sure to look at the details of this component. If you don’t have a comfortable knee pad rest, using the scooter won’t be a pleasant experience.

In addition, you should also check that the size of the knee pad will comfortably fit your leg.

Best Knee Walker Scooters

Once you have taken all of the above factors into consideration, you can start shopping for a knee scooter that will match your needs. The good news is that there are many to choose from and whether you are looking for a budget knee scooter for short-term use or something a little more high-end, there will be an option to suit you.

1. Drive Medical Knee Walker with Basket

Drive Medical knee walker

Best Knee Walker for Comfort – Drive Medical Knee Walker with Basket

This is a lightweight model that is ideal for transporting thanks to the removable basket – which certainly comes in handy if you need to do a bit of shopping whilst out on your scooter. Furthermore, the height can be easily adjusted without any tools, meaning that this one is very easy to use, even without assistance, making this a good choice for anyone who is more independent.

Most interestingly, this walker features a dual knee pad which provides ultimate comfort and added support for the injured limb. What’s more, it is fitted with 8 inch castor wheels which can be used either indoors or outdoors.

It has a very strong steel frame which can handle weights of up to 350lb making it a good choice for patients who are a little larger.

In terms of safety, you will be getting second to none thanks to the deluxe braking system that ensures a smooth, safe and easy ride.

There really isn’t anything bad to say about the Drive walker, it really does hit the mark in every aspect.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Handle height (min/max): 31″ – 40″
  • Knee pad height (min/max): 16.5″ – 20.5″
  • Knee pad depth (width x depth): 7″ x 15″
  • Wheel Size: 8″
  • Product weight: 22 lbs

2. Weil Knee Scooter G2 by Medline

Weil knee scooter G2 medline

Best Lightweight Knee Walker – Weil Knee Scooter G2 by Medline

For a very small additional charge, you can add a pouch and bottle holder to this already diverse piece of equipment, and whilst this may be a minor concern, it certainly comes in handy if you are out and about for most of the day.

If you need a knee scooter that is going to be easy to take in the car or on public transport, this is definitely an option worth considering because it folds down completely flat! Not only that, but it weighs just 20lbs so you’re getting a super lightweight piece of equipment that will be easy to carry.

The weight capacity isn’t as impressive as some of the other models we have discussed having a maximum of 300lbs, but this is certainly sufficient for a lot of people. However, if you are a little larger, this one may not be the best choice for you. In terms of height, this one can be adjusted to cater to people between 4’10” and 6’4”, making this quite a versatile piece of kit.

The handlebars feature a soft-grip meaning that not only will your leg be comfortable but you will avoid discomfort in the hands, especially if you are using the equipment for prolonged periods of time.

You are also getting the option to use the front wheels in a way that suits you, either rigid or swivel and the zero radius lever gives you full control over this.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Handle height (min/max): 33″ – 38″
  • Knee pad height (min/max): 16″ – 22″
  • Knee pad depth (width x depth): 8.5″ x 20.5″
  • Wheel Size: 8″
  • Product weight: 20 lbs

3. Roscoe Knee Scooter

Roscoe knee scooter

Best Foldable Knee Walker – Roscoe Knee Scooter

This is the only option on our list that comes with a choice of colour so not only will your mobility be improved but you can move around in a style that suits your personality.

This is an affordable scooter which offers an excellent solution to anyone who needs a diverse piece of equipment that can be used both inside and out – thanks to the durable design and four sturdy wheels, the Roscoe will function well in the home and whilst out and about.

This is also a good option for those who need something that can be easily transported since it is fully foldable and relatively lightweight.

Larger patients will also benefit from using this scooter since it has a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs. And no matter what your height, the knee pad can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Handle height (min/max): 31″ – 41″
  • Knee pad height (min/max): 17.5″ – 22″
  • Knee pad depth (width x depth): 7″ x 14″
  • Wheel Size: 8″
  • Product weight: 22.80 lbs

4. Vive Health All-Terrain Knee Scooter

Vive Health all-terrain knee scooter

Best All-Terrain Knee Walker – Vive Health All-Terrain Knee Scooter

This is a great option for anyone who needs an all-terrain knee scooter that won’t let them down in terms of strength and stability. The robust design has been created to handle uneven ground, and the wider, 12-inch durable tires make light work of any surface and provide great maneuverability.

The Vive knee walker is also perfect for slightly larger patients thanks to its 300lbs weight capacity. If you are concerned about safety, the effective and hard-wearing dual rear brakes offer a fast and safe stop.

The scooter can be easily folded away when not in use, and it’s lightweight enough to transport without too much hassle.

One of the most notable features of this one is the knee platform is both cushioned and contoured, which helps to provide greater comfort and improved support for the injured leg.

You even get a removable storage bag that attaches to the scooter thrown in with the price, which is a nice little touch. If you’re looking for a knee scooter that can comfortably tackle all types of terrain and offers unparalleled safety, this is the one to choose.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Handle height (min/max): 38″ – 46″
  • Knee pad height (min/max): 20″ – 26″
  • Knee pad depth (width x depth): 7″ x 14″
  • Wheel Size: 12″
  • Product weight: 26 lbs

5. Nova Heavy Duty Knee Walker

Nova heavy-duty knee walker

Best Bariatric Knee Walker – Nova Heavy Duty Knee Walker

With a weight capacity of 400lbs, this scooter is the best choice for people who are slightly heavier – you will be getting solid support that will help you to avoid accidents whilst recovering from your injury.

The overall weight of this scooter, however is slightly heavier and this means that it may be a little more difficult to transport. There is a chance that you may require some additional help when loading and unloading into the car.

The knee pad is fully cushioned and designed to contour to the shape of your leg which gives you superior comfort whilst using the scooter.

In terms of safety, you’ve got lockable hand brakes which make mounting and dismounting much safer and the wide wheels mean that the scooter won’t topple over on uneven ground.

If you want a scooter that is durable and robust, this is the perfect solution.

Key Specs:

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Handle height (min/max): 31.5″ – 37.7″
  • Knee pad height (min/max): 17″ – 22″
  • Knee pad depth (width x depth): 7.5″ x 15″
  • Wheel Size: 8″
  • Product weight: 29 lbs


If you have sustained a lower leg injury, a knee walker can bring back your mobility while you heal. These nifty little devices are the perfect solution to getting out and about whilst still being able to rest your leg and keep it protected from further damage – all whilst allowing you to do the things you need.

Knee walkers come in many shapes and sizes so it is important that you look at the various features when making a purchase to be sure that you are getting the right model for your needs.

We have looked at some of the best knee walkers on the market right now which meet a variety of different needs and uses.

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