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Fall Prevention for Seniors

How to Prevent and Deal with Falls for Seniors

For the elderly and for those suffering from impaired mobility, the thought of a fall at home is frightening. The thought of losing their independence due to broken bones, head injuries or a fractured hip can be extremely worrying.

Trips and falls can not only cause serious injuries but they can also impact someone’s emotional wellbeing and knock their confidence. Implementing proper fall prevention mechanisms at home can not only allow a senior to live safer but it can also help them to live more independently for longer.

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Walking Cane Guide
Walking Sticks

How to Choose a Walking Cane

From experience, a person who is unsteady on their feet, and then trips and falls, is a frightening feeling. Not only are they suffering from impaired mobility and pain, the fall may cause untold problems with fractures or even broken bones. This is why they need support.
The use of a walking cane can be beneficial for anyone that suffers with impaired mobility who finds walking a struggle.

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Wheelchair ramps
Wheelchair Ramps

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Ramp

When a person has impaired mobility, their prime need is to be as independent as possible. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, powered chairs, and rollators can provide users with greater freedom, allowing them to undertake daily activities more easily without requiring assistance. When obstacles however are encountered, such as steps, curbs, and uneven surfaces, these can impede their accessibility and impact their safety.

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Best Shower Chair for Seniors

Best Shower Chairs for Seniors

The one thing that users with impaired mobility dread, is falling while taking a shower or bath. When their wish it to stay independent during their hygiene routine, to fall and be injured, is their worst nightmare. Being able to shower independently when you have a disability that affects your mobility, can prove a real struggle, and if you’re unsteady on your feet, it can also increase the risk of falls.

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Best Rise Recliner for Seniors
Living Room

Best Power Lift Recliners for Seniors

Being able to unwind on a comfortable chair after a long day on your feet is one of life’s pleasures. If however you suffer with impaired mobility, or you’re unsteady on your feet, trying to get in and out of a regular couch or chair can prove challenging, uncomfortable and it can be a painful experience.

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Smart Home Devices for Seniors

Best Smart Home Devices for Seniors of 2020

While robots may have not taken over just yet, the use of smart technology in our homes certainly has. The smart home devices market is forecast to reach more than 53 billion U.S dollars by 2022. This figure is staggering although it may not be that surprising considering how useful these smart devices can prove around the home and how accessible they have become.

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