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Best bathroom grab bars for senioirs

Best Bathtub Grab Bars for Seniors

To be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub to relieve aching bones and muscles is a joy. For the elderly or for those with impaired mobility, it can sometimes only be a dream. They fear they will slip and cause themselves injury, or worse, not be able to get in or out of the bathtub at all.

The answer to these concerns are bathtub grab bars. These can be installed in the bathroom and in the bathtub and they can assist with tub transfers, allowing users to get into and out of the tub more easily as well as helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

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Best stand assist chair aids for seniors
Living Room

Best Stand Assist Seat Aids for Impaired Mobility

People with impaired mobility are always looking for aids that will help them be more independent in their day to day lives.

To be able to sit and stand without relying on others for help when they are frail, and frightened of falls, can be so helpful in their lives. This is why stand assist seat aids are so important. These simple but effective assistive aids can make sit to stand transfers easier and safer for users with reduced mobility.

With the wide variety of sit to stand aids on the market, it can be a challenge knowing which one will be the most effective for your particular needs.

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Best bed grab rails for seniors

Best Bed Grab Rails for Seniors

For many carers, the fear of having an elderly or infirm patient failing out of their bed, while they are not present, is a nightmare. They are looking for a secure way also, to get the person, who may have impaired mobility, in and out of bed. In these situations, this may prove to be a real challenge.

Falls can be dangerous, in particular for the elderly. This is why bed grab rails can be the answer to these problems and they can even help the user to be more independent without having to rely on a caregiver.

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Bed alarms for the elderly for fall prevention and anti-wandering

Best Bed Alarms for Preventing Falls

Carergivers, more than anyone, really need a good nights sleeps. If however, they are constantly worried at night that a senior who needs round the clock assistance, might get out of their bed, become disoriented, fall, or even wander off, this can become a terrible worry and lead to many restless nights.

A bed alarm can be the answer to many a carers concerns. These devices can assist in monitoring the patient remotely. This allows the caregiver to be notified once the patient attempts to get out of bed. With this device the carer is able to be active before a serious injury occurs.

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Bath lifts for seniors

Best Bath Lifts for Seniors

For people who suffer with aching joints, the wonderful pleasure of being able to sooth away their pain in a warm bath, is so enjoyable.

For people like me however, who have had a knee and hip replacement, or for anyone that have undergone a recent operation, or those who suffer with arthritis, the longing for a relaxing bath is fought with anxiety. Nobody likes to ask for help in getting in and out of a bath, it takes away their dignity.

In this article, we will cover the different types of bath lifts that are available, the factors to consider when choosing one. Finally, we will cover some of the best bath lifts that are currently available to suit a range of different needs.

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Walkers for Seniors

Best Walkers for Seniors

When seniors suddenly feel unsafe on their feet, and they fear falling and injuring themselves, they will know that the time has come for the need of extra support with their everyday activities.

In this article, we will cover the different types of walkers that are available and their particular benefits as well as important factors to consider before purchasing one. Finally, we will cover the best walkers currently on the market that can help to keep you on your feet and reduce the risk of falls.

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