Day: September 7, 2020

Best Shower Wheelchairs

Best Shower Wheelchairs for Easier & Safer Washing

A shower wheelchair will enable you or your loved one to wash safely and easily. But there are many choices when it comes to purchasing this type of equipment and one of the primary concerns is how safe the user will be when in the chair.

In this guide, we will be looking at every aspect of the shower wheelchair with the aim of providing you with a good knowledge of what to look for. Additionally, we will be exploring some of the best shower wheelchairs currently available for a wide range of needs.

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Best beach wheelchairs

Best Beach and Pool Wheelchairs

Just because a person has limited mobility it should not stop them from enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach or by the pool. Whilst this is a great idea, it does require the use of some special equipment – mainly in the form of a beach or pool wheelchair.

Choosing the right beach or pool wheelchair requires the user to pay special attention to certain factors to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

In this guide, we are going to be looking at exactly what you need to look for in a beach wheelchair as well as showing you some of, what we think are the very best beach and pool wheelchairs currently on the market.

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Crutches buyers guide
Mobility Support

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Crutches

As far as walking aids go, crutches are a great temporary solution. They may be used for people who have undergone surgery or who have sustained an injury and can improve mobility during the healing process.
However, it’s no secret that choosing the right type of crutches for your needs can be something of a challenge, what with the vast array to choose from. It is important that you select the right pair of crutches so that you can move around easily and comfortably.
In this guide, we will be explaining the reasons that crutches might benefit you and showing you how to choose the right pair.

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Best knee walker scooters
Mobility Support

Best Knee Walker Scooters

For many people, an injury or surgery to the lower leg or foot can create a challenge where mobility is concerned. But with the busy, modern lives that most of us lead, there isn’t time to be stuck in the house and a knee walker scooter could be the solution to your problems. This piece of equipment could give you improved mobility and a better quality of life as your injury heals.
In this article, we will be exploring how and why you might need a knee walker scooter and what to look for when buying one. We will then take a look at some of the best options for knee walker scooters that are currently available.

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